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Torrequebrada golf course, in Benalmádena on Spain´s Costa del Sol, opened in 1976. The course was designed by José "Pepe" Gancedo, one of Spain´s most promising amateur golfers, who has since designed many golf courses in Spain, in the rest of Europe and in the States. It is considered one of the best courses in Europe.


The Torrequebrada golf course is very conveniently situated at approximately 20 minutes from Malaga Airport, Torremolinos and Fuengirola, and just 10 minutes from Benalmádena and its popular leisure harbour. Entertainment is, therefore, within easy reach after a round of golf. The clubhouse, with its panoramic views and privileged situation overlooking the 18th fairway, provides all the modern facilities that one comes to expect from a golf club of this category. Terraces, reception rooms for private functions, dressing rooms, bar-restaurant, driving range and pro-shop.

General description

circuito metrosTorrequebrada was host to the 53rd Spanish Open Championship in 1979. A unique feature is the variety of fairway design, which makes it important to choose the right club for each shot. The more intrepid player can test his skill on every hole, whatever his handicap. It would not be correct to draw attention to any particular hole as they are all part of the combined challenge presented by the landscape and nature itself. The greens are notable for their size and speed. Strategically placed lakes and bunkers add to the course´s challenge and interest. Over 100 varieties of shrubs and trees line Torrequebrada´s fairways and every hole has a backdrop of the blue Mediterranean and the mountains.




Hole one

hoyo1 PAR 5 HCP 9

The direction of your shot must pass over the bunker to go to the center of the fairway. There is a hollow over the hill which you are aiming for. The green is elevated, large and surrounded by bunkers. The view of the sea from here is spectacular and is the highest point of the course.

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Hole two

hoyo2 PAR 4 HCP 6

The fairway has a hollow on the right handside with many trees. Aim your driver to the left handside of the fairway. The green is elevated and behind two large corks.

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Hole three

hoyo3PAR 3 HCP 18

This par 3 is the shortest of the course in length but very difficult and a high precision is required when it is windy.
Smooth green surrounded by palms and trees and drops away at the back. Complicated bunkers on the right handside and behind.

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Hole four

hoyo4PAR 4 HCP 12

A good shot is needed here using your driver with bunkers on both sides of the fairway. From the top of the ridge for your second shot take into account the hollow and bunkers on the left and right. The green is surrounded by olive and pine trees and there are some super views of the mountains.

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Hole five

hoyo5 PAR 4 HCP 15

Dog left hole to the left, follow line of the trees on the left handside of fairway using a three wood, or take your driver and line up straight over the trees on the left. Second shot to the green needs to be to the left as the hole drops away to the right with deep bunkers.

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Hole six

hoyo6 PAR 5 HCP 4

This hole is long and curves around to the right. Aim over the trees in the middle of the fairway towards the far bunker. The fairway leads to an elevated green with bunkers to the left and right.

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Hole seven

hoyo7 peqPAR 4 HCP 13

The tee position is very elevated with bunkers to the left and right sides of the fairway. Stick with an iron and aim for the lake. Your second shot is over the lake taking into account the bunkers around the green. The green drops away
to the right handside.

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Hole eight

hoyo8 PAR 4 HCP 3

This hole is a dog left left, the bunker directly infront of you by the trees is your line of aim. The green is high up and slopes towards the bunker and the lake on the right handside.

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Hole nine

hoyo9PAR 3 HCP 17

Short par 3, green low down surrounded by bunkers. The green slopes towards the lake on the right handside, so try to aim slightly left.

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Hole ten

hoyo10PAR 4 HCP 2

It is necessary to have a good tee shot here with your driver, playing slightly to the right handside of the fairway. The green is tucked away on the left handside behind the olive trees. Bunkers are on the right and behind.

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Hole eleven

hoyo11PAR 3 HCP 14

A picturesque hole next to the lake full of wildlife. The green has bunkers to the front and left and surrounded by pal trees.

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Hole twelve

hoyo12 PAR 5 HCP 5

A challenging hole that meanders up and down. First shot needs to be kept in the middle of the fairway up the hill, so use your driver. Second shot up over the hill towards the first hollow. The green has bunkers all around and a lake to the left handside which the fairway slopes down to.

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Hole thirteen

hoyo13 peqPAR 3 HCP 16

This par 3 requires precision in the tee shot, playing over a large hollow towards the green. There are bunkers and palm trees surrounding the green.

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Hole fourtheen

hoyo14 PAR 5 HCP 7

Your first shot is over the lake onto a wide fairway. There are some olive trees in the middle of the fairway that will
come into play for your second or third shot. The green has bunkers to the front and left.

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Hole fifteen

hoyo15 peqPAR 4 HCP 10

Hole protected by pines on both sides. A good long hole that sweeps away to the right with a hollow before the green hidden behind the trees. Your direction of your tee shot should be aiming for the palm tree at the far edge of the fairway. Second shot is over the hollow towards the green which has bunkers all around.

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Hole sixteen

hoyo16 PAR 4 HCP 1

A very difficult tee shot over the foliage with a lake running down the right handside of the fairway. You are aiming for the olive tree in the centre of the fairway with your driver. The green is elevated with water infront and bunkers to the left.

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Hole seventeen

hoyo17 PAR 4 HCP 8

Aim to the right handside of the fairway with your tee shot, as there are two large bunkers on the left. There is hollow before the green which leads up to a large and flat green with marvelous views of the sea.

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Hole eighteen

hoyo18PAR 4 HCP 11

Last hole with the clubhouse in sight. Your aim should be slightly left of the bunkers on the right. Second shot to be
accurate towards the green as there are bunkers on both sides. Standing on the final green you have some amazing views all around you. This hole is unique.

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Golf Torrequebrada

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Telf. 95 244 27 42 - Fax: 95 256 11 29
29630 Benalmádena - Costa del Sol - España
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